We're Creative.

We’re a marketing and distribution agency located in Singapore and New Zealand

Our Mission.

Understanding your audience is data-driven. Understanding your data helps us understand how, when and where a well-developed campaign will speak and engage with your leads, prospects and customers. This is about audience exploration and we take the responsibility seriously.

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Shane Rau


Shane Rau - DM

I am a marketer with a passion for digital marketing disciplines related to inbound traffic acquisition. I focus on the fuel for all your inbound marketing strategies and project manage some amazing creative thinkers and social media experts.

Personally, I am a regular blogger on various sites and avid All Blacks rugby fan from the womb to the tomb. I am a huge HUGE fan of the “last style bender” Isreal Adesanya – big ups champ!!

What We Do.

We assess your digital presence establish what your goals and priorities are and develop and execute your digital strategy.

We Believe

We believe that understanding your Audiences is critical to identifying user experiences that drive engagement with your brand. We believe in the tech and tools that help you achieve this.

We Explore

Audience exploration and insight comes with responsibility. We take the responsibility of customer data and privacy seriously when we deploy brand and marketing strategy.

We Consult

Many businesses want to increase their digital marketing budget but dont know how or where to invest first. We help you ask and answer all the right questions that help you achieve your goals and measurables.